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Dictionaries to and from Norwegian, are availbale for the languages English, French, German and Spanish.

Two monolingual dictionaries, bokmål and nynorsk are included. The definitions and grammar make these dictionaries essential tools for anyone wishing to present a professional image, using accurate and clear language. In addition, the dictionaries include explanations, examples, information on specialised fields and a selecton of information about pronounciation and word origin.

For the languages English, French, German and Spanish, monolingual dictionaries are included.

Included is also a Scandinavian dictionary. It is made up of three dictionaries (Danish, Norwegian and Swedish) and displays entries in one language with translations into the other two languages. It contains words that the Nordic Council has defined as "problematic" when Scandinavians communicate. Although the languages are quite similar, some words have a completely different meaning in another Scandinavian language than may be expected.

available variations

Norwegian - English

This dictionary is the largest on the market. It covers everyday speech, general business language and more than 200 specialised fields, including management, law, economics, international trade, insurance, medicine, IT, petroleum and construction. The dictionary also contains useful grammatical information. Where there are differences in British and American English these are indicated in the dictionary.

Norwegian - French

This dictionary contains about 350 000 entries and translations. It contains general terms, business language and grammar, and has a variety of useful compound expressions and colloquialisms. The dictionary is suitable for anyone who wants to speak and write French, regardless of their language skill level.

Norwegian - German

This dictionary covers everyday speech, general business language and many specialised fields, including engineering, medicine, economics and law. It also contains grammar and definitions. Germany is Norway’s largest trading partner, and the dictionary is a useful source of reference for anyone who speaks and writes German.

Norwegian - Spanish

This dictionary contains almost 164 000 entries and translations, and has been supplemented with grammar and more detailed explanations. The dictionary is a useful tool for anyone who speaks, writes or reads Spanish.

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