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Clue covers both general and technical language. This is a dictionary for everyone. Use it at work, at school, at home, or on vacation.
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Single Licences

There are two alternatives for subscribing to single-user licences:

Clue Online: Gives you access from any web browser, from your PC, Mac, mobile phone or tablet.

Clue Offline: Gives you access by installing the program on you PC or Mac. The subscription includes access to Clue Online.

Clue Offline can be installed on a server for a minimum of 5 named users.

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Online Total

The total supplier online agreement is a convenient solution for all types of businesses with more than 20 employees. The agreement gives access to the market's most comprehensive technical dictionary; Clue Premium with all available languages. All users with an online subscription can access Clue in a browser and via mobile devices. User support is included.



Online Offline Plus

This agreement is recommended for companies with more than 20 employees. The agreement gives unlimited access to all of our products, including the largest technical dictionary on the market; Clue Premium with all available languages. The agreement covers installation on PCs, Macs, servers and mobile devices, and online and offline access. It includes software and content updates and free user support.



Total Academic and Total School

This is a flexible agreement for schools, colleges and universities that gives students and employees access to Clue. We customise the solution to your needs and give you access to the same language tool used by businesses. The agreement covers Clue Premium – the largest technical dictionary in the market with one or more languages, installation on PCs, Macs, servers and mobile devices, online and offline access, software and content updates and user support.

Clue Online is available through FEIDE.