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Downloadable software


Download the latest version of Clue for Windows (10.11) here

The installer is also available with an msi wrapper and in a lighter version , where the dictionary content is downloaded during installation.
These installation files can be used for all types of installations (licenced, manually, distributed, standalone, server and client).

Older versions of Clue for Windows are available here.


Installation guide
Run the installation file and follow the installation wizard.

Complete documentation for installation
Guide for local installations

Note: All existing versions can be overwritten during installation of Clue 10. If you have an older version installed, we recommend that you uninstall this prior to installation of new version.


Licence activation
All licences has to be activated in order to enable correct installation. Activation is done via our server updates.clue.no. It may be necessary to override your proxy or firewall in order to permit this communication.

If this is not possible, activation can be done manually. Contact Clue Norge, e-mail: info@clue.no, tel. (+47) 23 10 33 70.

System requirements
Desktop OS: Windows XP (SP2) or newer

  • Double click on the installation file
  • 150 MB free disk space
  • Internet connection for download and activation of licence
  • Server version does not support ipv6-addresses during install


Download the lastest version of Clue for Mac (10.11) here

For companies and schools: Download

For personal use and students: Download

Please note that if you have a Clue Premium Licence, you need to download/use Clue "For companies and schools" (i.e. the "Full" package) even if you are a student or an individual/personal use

Installation guide:

For users of Catalina and Big Sur (MacOS 10.15):
After Downloading:
•  Open the DiskImage
•  Drag the Clue icon to your Applications folder
•  Eject the Clue disk
•  Open the Applications folder
•  Hold the Ctrl-button down and click the Clue-icon in Finder.
•  In the contextual menu, click open.
•  If you already have installed Clue (e.g. you are updating Clue) make sure you have all your dictionaries available.

• If this is the first time you install Clue on your Mac, or you have issues accessing the dictionaries:
    -  While Clue is opened and in foreground, click Clue on the line in the top menu.
    -  Choose Preferences /Licence
    -  Click on Change License
    -  Add the information you have in the proof of licence (User name, Program Key and Dictionary keys)
    -  Click Done

For user of other Mac OS:
• Open the DiskImage
• Drag the Clue icon to your Applications folder
• Eject the Clue disk
• Open the Applications folder and double click on Clue
• Enter licence User name and Program Key, then click “Apply” (or click “Demo)
• Enter Dictionary key (one at the time) and click “Add Key”

Older versions of Clue for Mac are available here 


List of certified platforms and user environments

A list of certified platforms and user environments where Clue 10 has been tested and approved.


December 2020 - Clue version 10.11 is launched

As an active Clue user, you should now have access to the latest content.

The vast majority of our customers use the Norwegian-English/English-Norwegian dictionary. The dictionary now includes 50,000 new terms which are used by the EU in areas such as law, finance, technology, the environment and health. A new version of the Norwegian-German/German-Norwegian dictionary is also available.

We put a great deal of effort into ensuring that the dictionaries are up-to-date and relevant, especially in key areas such as economics, law, medicine and technology. We also work continuously to identify new everyday words for inclusion.

The content of Clue is developed using input from our customers, various disciplines, language editors and translators. We would like to extend our thanks to all of you.