English-Danish / Danish-English dictionary

This is the largest dictionary of its kind  on the market today. The dictionary is covering everything from everyday speech and general business language to advanced terminology. It is particularly extensive in a number of technical fields, in addition to specialised fields such as law, economics, international trade, insurance and medicine, to name a few.

The dictionary provides helpful explanations on how words are used, and contains many sample sentences that make it easy to vary your language and find the right word in a given context. It contains synonyms, and focuses in particular on words that have multiple meanings by giving a number of examples of how they are used.


Monolingual dictionaries included:

English dictionary

A monolingual English dictionary with over 140 000 entries is included with all dictionaries to and from English. The clear definitions and examples mean you can quickly identify the word that fits the context, even if you are not familiar with the word. They will also help you to expand your vocabulary and learn to vary your language.


Danish dictionary

A monolingual Danish dictionary with more than 91 000 entries is included in English-Danish / Danish-English dictionary. It contains grammar, as well as providing definitions.


Scandinavian dictionary

This dictionary is made up of three dictionaries (Danish, Norwegian and Swedish) and displays entries in one language with translations into the other two languages. It contains words that the Nordic Council has defined as "problematic" when Scandinavians communicate. Although the languages are quite similar, some words have a completely different meaning in another Scandinavian language than may be expected.



All of the dictionaries have been compiled by dedicated editors, translators and contributors from the business community over a span of more than 25 years. General and subject-specific dictionaries from, for instance, Gyldendal and Politiken have also been used as a source.